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“One million rounds of ammunition disappeared”… It is said that 39 missiles are also missing. What is happening? – Maeil Business Newspaper VRESP TODAY

“One million rounds of ammunition disappeared”… I heard that 39 missiles are also missing. What is this?Maeil Business Newspaper ‘Civil war’: 1 million military ammunition disappears in Colombia… “Missiles also evaporate”Korean economy 1 million military ammunition evaporates in Colombia… President outraged over corruption within the militaryDaily Good News Colombia’s 39 …

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Japan is spending billions…"I have no money" What’s happening to Korean art museums – Korea Economic Daily VRESP

The road to becoming a cultural powerhouse in 100 yearsThe world’s cities are part 2 of the culture war. (8) Why art should be freeKorea going against global trends Japan attracts ‘blockbuster level’ Korea floods with ‘free exhibitions’ National treasure-level overseas exhibition costs billions of wonJapan collects admission fees to …

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‘It’s really happening as SON wanted.’ Tottenham coach allows Werner ‘complete recruitment + KRW 25.5 billion’… Son Heung-min’s public support worked – Money Today VRESP

Star News Reporter Park Jae-ho | 2024.04.07 20:39 Son Heung-min (32) is expected to achieve ‘what he says and what he wants.’ Britain’s ‘Team Talk’ reported on the 7th (Korean time), “Coach Postekoglou approved the signing of Werner, which surprised him. This increases the possibility of Werner being fully recruited.” …

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